The Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants Over Dentures

The Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants Over Dentures from Rhodes & Rhodes Family Dentistry in Tuscaloosa, ALGetting dental implants as a replacement for removable dentures can be a rewarding move. These restorations are stable and lasting. You can smile, laugh, eat, and speak without worrying that they will slip out of your mouth. Here are the benefits of getting dental implants over removable dentures.

Improves appearance and oral health

Dental implants are effective in restoring teeth. Unlike removable restorations, implants do not wiggle or slip out. The fusion of the titanium rods and the jawbone result in stability and strength. The implants support the facial structures, preserving the facial shape. These restorations reduce wrinkles and fine lines, making the individual look younger.

The titanium rods stimulate the jawbone in the absence of natural dental roots. This signals the body to send nutrients for tissue repair and growth around the rods. That is why dental implants prevent jawbone loss. This helps prevent more tooth loss as well.

Comfortable and custom-fit

Having dental implants instead of dentures allows the patient to be more comfortable. Removable dentures tend to loosen because the jawbone underneath keeps shrinking. There should always be dental adhesive that can keep the dentures in place for a while. Dentures sit on the gums. They often pinch the nerve there, causing discomfort and even pain. Having these removable restorations also makes it difficult to speak, laugh, and eat.

Implants do not slip or move around in the mouth. This removes worry and anxiety. The titanium rods remove the need for denture adhesive. The permanent attachment makes eating, laughing, and speaking easier. The patient does not need to prepare much as well before leaving the house or going to bed.

Easy to maintain

Removable dentures take time to clean. The patient needs to remove them by the end of the day and brush them. Soaking them can make the cleaning more thorough. Dental implants need daily cleaning. Brush and floss like one would natural teeth.

Durable with a natural look

Dentures may look like natural teeth, but these restorations do not stay in the mouth like natural teeth. These restorations are also prone to breaking, especially if they drop or when biting hard foods. Dental implants stay in the mouth and provide strength in one’s bite. Proper care and maintenance can make them last for at least five to 10 years before needing to replace them.

Removable dentures do not feel and look like natural teeth. Most people are always aware of their presence. With implants, the patient gets the look and feel of natural teeth. The patient may even forget about the implant as well. These restorations are even undetectable to other people.

Preserves the jawbone

Dentures are good solutions to missing teeth, but the jawbone is often left out. These restorations sit on the gum tissue. The main way to keep them in place is denture adhesive. Dental implants use titanium rods as anchors to the jawbone. The rods stimulate the delivery of nutrients for bone tissue repair and growth. The jawbone keeps getting stronger the longer the rods stay in.

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Dental implants are more advantageous than dentures

Removable dentures can replace missing teeth. But dental implants do more than this. Implants strengthen the jawbone, support facial structures, and end anxiety. Investing in these restorations will be worth it. Working with your dentist can maximize the use of your dental implants for years.

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