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Digital X-Ray

We utilize digital x-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth and detect any abnormalities to address problems early. The x-ray can detect cysts, abscesses, decay, tumors, bone loss, problems below the gum line, and developmental abnormalities of the teeth and roots.

Digital x-rays are safe and this technology offers a 90 percent reduction in radiation and provide instant results. In addition, we use lead apron shields to protect the body. Although the frequency of x-rays depends on the dental history and disease risk of the individual patient, we generally only take full mouth x-rays every three to five years. Full mouth x-rays are taken at the first visit and bite wing x-rays once or twice a year to detect problems.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. This is the main type of sedation used in dentistry and patients are able to breathe and control their body functions, although the patient may fall asleep. The nitrous oxide is a combination of 30% nitrous oxide and 50-70% oxygen. Our patients in Tuscaloosa find that there are no after affects or side effects from this form of sedation. 

Although nitrous oxide is a safe and effective method for sedation during dental treatments, it is not appropriate for every patient at our Tuscaloosa office. For example, if you have emphysema, M.S., a cold or exotic chest problem, you may not want to use nitrous oxide. Your dentist can provide a five minute trial to see how you feel before using nitrous oxide.